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Rick Scott’s Smart Move on Florida Medicaid

chris ruddy

Despite strong opposition to Obamacare, Gov. Rick Scott (R) from Florida, agreed to accept Medicaid coverage for residents of the 4th largest state.  Gov. Scott was not alone is his reversal on this policy.  He is joined by Gov. Brewer of Arizona, a strong conservative and out spoken critic of the Affordable Care Act.  Ohio’s Republican Gov., John Kasich said his state would also expand Medicaid.  Not as an endorsement of the Affordable Care Act, but as a practical decision for the physical and financial health of his citizens.  The main reason for the change in policy is that since Florida taxpayers are contributing extra funds to Obamacare, those citizens should at least see that money returned to their state.

Despite the Republican stance that Obamacare is going to be detrimental to our country, the fact is that voters spoke at the polls when they failed to elect Mitt Romney.  In 2009, as a private citizen and head of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain, then Gov. Scott founded the Conservatives for Patients’ Rights to oppose Obamacare.  Gov. Scott funded this with his own money.  Despite Scott’s strong feelings against Obamacare, his common-sense solution will buy time to change the system.  The cost of the 4 million uninsured Florida residents is now able to be offset.

The important fact to remember about Gov. Scott and the other governors is that their low opinion of Obamacare has not changed, their plan for dismantling it has.

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The Ed Koch I Knew — A Remembrance

chris ruddy

Despite many years out of public office, Ed Koch remained relevant as both a columnist reporting about the Middle East and as a public figure. It was not an easy transition back into private life after being a 3 term mayor. But his influence far outlasted his tenure in office, and he was an important figure in both local and national elections.

Koch not only endorsed Obama as he ran for office but had hedged his bets; placing issues of security and economy above party affiliation. The endorsement came about after Obama sought a meeting with Koch and after many assurances about Obama’s commitment to Israel’s security.Koch’s regret over that endorsement is clear when he speaks of the pressure that the Obama Administration has placed on Israel and when Koch discusses the current state of the American economy.

Despite being a proud and outspoken Jew, Koch had many close friends that crossed religious bridges and political aisles. Although a staunch Democrat, pro-choice and pro-gay rights, Koch remained close personal friends with Cardinal O’Connor, the Archbishop of NY. This friendship lasted until Koch’s death.

Mayor Koch did not shy away from differences but found that at the end of the day, it was best to work for the common good. As we remember Ed Koch, I like to think of him as the consummate public servant. Looking to change the city he loved and the lives of those he touched, for the better.

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