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Rand Paul Makes Big Mistake Taking On Bill Clinton

Senator Rand Paul was fast becoming a Republican front-runner for the presidential nomination. Was, that is, until he decided to stir up Bill Clinton’s past with Monica Lewinsky. This was a major misstep for Paul and a bigger one for the GOP in general.

Democrats are aggressively attacking Republican core voters; an increasing percentage of Americans think the GOP is out of touch; and Republicans need to come up with free-market solutions to the nation’s ills.

Rand Paul is not looking forward. He’s looking to rake up the muck of the past – and against a popular former Democrat president whose favorable rating remains very high.

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Newsmax Exclusive: Lech Walesa Says Putin Has “Evil Twin”

Lech Walesa tells Newsmax Russian Premier Putin Has Evil Twin

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, anti-communist crusader Lech Walesa, Poland’s Former President, was asked if he would classify Putin as a dictator.

“There are two Putins,” he declares. “The first one knows that it’s important to solve all issues in a peaceful, democratic way. He also realizes that Russia consists of 80 separate nations and if he loosens his grip on them, the whole thing will fall apart. So he holds tight, while also implementing some reforms.

“He makes a little progress and keeps moving in the right directions. Not too much, but enough to show some good will.

“And there is his evil twin, who still hopes that one day he will show the whole world who is on top. He hopes his day of triumph will come, but until then, he has to sit tight.”

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Liberal Intolerance Gone Wild: Cuomo, de Blasio, Ailes

Intolerant Liberal: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Intolerant Liberal: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

We are witnessing a disturbing trend. More and more “mainstream” liberals and Democrats seem to be moving to the intolerant fringe.

Case in point: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

During a recent interview on Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio broadcast, comments made by New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, included this statement on conservative Republicans: “Right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Case in point: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

De Blasio soon commented: “I agree with Governor Cuomo’s remarks. I think he’s saying that the attitude of those who want to continue the status quo on guns or want to challenge and deny the right to choose does not reflect the values of New Yorkers. He is absolutely right to say what he said.”

Case in point: Author Gabe Sherman

Sherman, who has done some solid reporting at New York magazine, wrote a book on Republican strategist Roger Ailes that only shows us a man who is dominating (is that unusual for a CEO?), a bully (because he fights back?), and paranoid (perhaps the Sherman book justifies that!).

Remember the days when liberals were advocates for free speech and a tolerant attitude to ideas and people?

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Nelson Mandela, a Hero for Our Times

Chris Ruddy: Nelson Mandela is a hero for all of us

Nelson Mandela, 2008.

Nelson Mandela was a hero as well as a leader. During my visit to South Africa, I visited the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. The museum, which was shaped by Mandela himself, serves to educate people about the system of racial segregation through the life and eyes of Nelson Mandela.

While incarcerated, Mandela was viewed as a Marxist supporter. Perhaps because he saw this as the only ideology able to inspire his people. With few comforts, loneliness, and arduous physical labor, Mandela survived a total of 27 years of imprisonment. While these years were painful, they galvanized his commitment for a free South Africa and his capacity for forgiveness.

That forgiveness was evident in Mandela’s break from Marxist ideology upon his freedom. Mandela decried the dictatorships of Castro, and closer to home, Mugabe. He instead chose to look towards the teachings of Martin Luther King and Ghandi as models for a new political and social future for South Africa.

The museum is a monument to the universal ideals of freedom, human dignity, and democratic values. Nelson Mandela embodied these ideals during his lifetime and the legacy of his efforts continue to inspire all those who know of him. Nelson Mandela understood that “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”.

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Memo to GOP: Don’t Delay Obamacare

Chris Ruddy: GOP, Please Don't Delay Obamacare

A Worried President Obama

There is wide-spread, bipartisan support to delay the implementation of Obamacare. Many conservatives see the delay as a first step towards abolishing it altogether. Their concern is that once Obamacare is in effect, it will be with us forever. This however, is the wrong tactic. Conservatives should support the immediate implementation of Obamacare and allow the skyrocketing insurance premiums, website fiascos, and Medicare cuts to speak for themselves.

Obama himself is so concerned about these upcoming Congressional elections that he delayed the employer mandate initiative for at least six months. I am shocked that Republican Congressional members are working to help the President with this delay.

Poll numbers show how widespread opposition to Obamacare. A CNN poll last month reported 57% opposition to the bill and just 39% in favor of it. Labor Unions and the AFL-CIO, which once supported President Obama, are opposed to the bill. Even a writer of the bill, Democrat Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Max Baucus, admits that Obamacare is a “huge train wreck”.

Given the bipartisan concerns over Obamacare, this is the time for Republicans to unite and force this implementation that the Democrats wanted so badly in the first place. President Obama is afraid that with full implementation, there will be massive blowback against the Democrats who supported the bill. He is right to be concerned. Let Obamacare be implemented and let the voters decide.

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