Back Obama on Syria Strike, Despite Opposition

chris ruddy

The Obama Administration is correct in seeking Congressional support for a necessary military strike on Syria. For that to happen, Congress should demand clear and compelling evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons. Currently, there is low public support for a military strike. When faced with a similar situation, then President Kennedy showed photographic evidence to the America public, of Russian missiles on 90 miles way. That proof proved to be the turning point in showing the Russians and the American people what we would and would not tolerate when it comes to our defense. President Obama would do well to follow this example.

Iran is watching closely to see what will happen if the “red line” that President Obama drew, gets crossed. If there is no military retaliation, Iran can justifiably assume that America tolerates the use of WMDs and by extension, the world will come to accept an Iranian nuclear policy. A congressional vote to act against Syria is an act against the uses of chemical weapons. Given their low cost and ease of shipment, the United States could very well be faced with these weapons used against civilians on our own soil.

President Obama is to be commended for seeking Congressional approval for a military strike. Syria may have pushed the envelope too far to risk the wait, and Congress is justified in granting the President limited military approval. This approval, and the consequent actions sends a clear and resounding message to Assad and the world about American values.

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