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Politico: Clinton Outreach Like Mandela, Ruddy Says

Bill Clinton on Saturday fondly memorialized one of the key financiers of what Hillary Clinton years ago deemed the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Speaking at a private memorial service in southwestern Pennsylvania for Richard Mellon Scaife, who died last month, Clinton recalled how, after his presidency, he built a “counterintuitive friendship” with the conservative billionaire, according to an account of the speech in one of the newspapers Scaife owned.

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Rand Paul Makes Big Mistake Taking On Bill Clinton

Senator Rand Paul was fast becoming a Republican front-runner for the presidential nomination. Was, that is, until he decided to stir up Bill Clinton’s past with Monica Lewinsky. This was a major misstep for Paul and a bigger one for the GOP in general.

Democrats are aggressively attacking Republican core voters; an increasing percentage of Americans think the GOP is out of touch; and Republicans need to come up with free-market solutions to the nation’s ills.

Rand Paul is not looking forward. He’s looking to rake up the muck of the past – and against a popular former Democrat president whose favorable rating remains very high.

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