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Chris Ruddy: CNN Interviews Newsmax CEO Ruddy On Plans To Take on Fox TV

CNN’s Brian Stelter was kind enough to interview me about Newsmax’s plans to start a cable news network that will compete in the space that Fox News rules – news with a conservative slant.

There’s no question that Fox is great at what it does and Fox News’s owner Rupert Murdoch was a genius when he created the conservative-leaning news network in 1996. Of course, we’re not really taking on Fox News head-to-head, but we do hope there will be quite an audience for our brand of “nicer, gentler” reporting with a conservative slant, without having to resort to vitriol or polemic.

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Chris Ruddy: Businessweek Writes About Chris Ruddy and Newsmax’s TV Plans

Bloomberg’s Businessweek magazine recently posted a review of Newsmax’s plans to start a 24-hour cable news network this upcoming June. will be, They wrote that NewsmaxTV will be “a kinder, gentler Fox [News].”

They quote me as saying, “Our goal is to be a little more boomer-oriented, more information-based rather than being vituperative and polarizing.” I do believe that there are plenty of politically conservative viewers that want an alternative to Fox News.

You can start watching NewsmaxTV online at or find our channel through your Roku box. But we hope you’ll join us once we formally launch our cable channel in June.

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