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Embrace Obama’s Border Security Bill

With an estimated 51,000 undocumented children having entered our border states, and another 40,000 expected by September, congressional Republicans should join with President Obama in embracing a strong border security bill. President Obama has put forth a $3.7 billion bill that the House Appropriations Committee will take up as early as Tuesday.

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Memo to GOP: Don’t Delay Obamacare

Chris Ruddy: GOP, Please Don't Delay Obamacare

A Worried President Obama

There is wide-spread, bipartisan support to delay the implementation of Obamacare. Many conservatives see the delay as a first step towards abolishing it altogether. Their concern is that once Obamacare is in effect, it will be with us forever. This however, is the wrong tactic. Conservatives should support the immediate implementation of Obamacare and allow the skyrocketing insurance premiums, website fiascos, and Medicare cuts to speak for themselves.

Obama himself is so concerned about these upcoming Congressional elections that he delayed the employer mandate initiative for at least six months. I am shocked that Republican Congressional members are working to help the President with this delay.

Poll numbers show how widespread opposition to Obamacare. A CNN poll last month reported 57% opposition to the bill and just 39% in favor of it. Labor Unions and the AFL-CIO, which once supported President Obama, are opposed to the bill. Even a writer of the bill, Democrat Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Max Baucus, admits that Obamacare is a “huge train wreck”.

Given the bipartisan concerns over Obamacare, this is the time for Republicans to unite and force this implementation that the Democrats wanted so badly in the first place. President Obama is afraid that with full implementation, there will be massive blowback against the Democrats who supported the bill. He is right to be concerned. Let Obamacare be implemented and let the voters decide.

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GOP Should Support Obama’s Stance on Syria

Syria under government crackdown

The most recent Address to the Nation was reminiscent of the speech Obama gave in Oslo, Norway in 2009. Obama acknowledged the virtues of nonviolence but said that military force was sometimes necessary. He cited World War II and the involvement of the powerful Allies that lead to Hitler’s defeat.

Being a Super Power comes with the responsibility to stop evil where diplomacy has failed. The US must lead the world in a zero tolerance policy for the use of weapons of mass destruction. A failure to act in Syria poses a threat to Americans as well as to the world at large. What is happening in Syria cannot be excused and swift action must be taken. Iran has been the largest supporter of the Assad regime. American’s military inaction in Syria sends a message to Tehran that they have impunity to continue their reign of terror. This terror will no doubt be turned towards Israel. Iran is carefully watching to see how America reacts towards Assad’s use of WMDs.

The President outlined a plan to strike Syria’s military targets. A UN agreement may soon be reached in which the WMDs will be handed over to be destroyed. These are all necessary steps to ensure atrocities committed against the Syrian people do not happen again.

I ask both Democrats and Republicans to put aside your political differences and support President Obama and the stand he is taking against evil. We owe it to the world support our President as he seeks to blunt and punish Assad.

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Back Obama on Syria Strike, Despite Opposition

chris ruddy

The Obama Administration is correct in seeking Congressional support for a necessary military strike on Syria. For that to happen, Congress should demand clear and compelling evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons. Currently, there is low public support for a military strike. When faced with a similar situation, then President Kennedy showed photographic evidence to the America public, of Russian missiles on 90 miles way. That proof proved to be the turning point in showing the Russians and the American people what we would and would not tolerate when it comes to our defense. President Obama would do well to follow this example.

Iran is watching closely to see what will happen if the “red line” that President Obama drew, gets crossed. If there is no military retaliation, Iran can justifiably assume that America tolerates the use of WMDs and by extension, the world will come to accept an Iranian nuclear policy. A congressional vote to act against Syria is an act against the uses of chemical weapons. Given their low cost and ease of shipment, the United States could very well be faced with these weapons used against civilians on our own soil.

President Obama is to be commended for seeking Congressional approval for a military strike. Syria may have pushed the envelope too far to risk the wait, and Congress is justified in granting the President limited military approval. This approval, and the consequent actions sends a clear and resounding message to Assad and the world about American values.

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Obama Needs to Act Big, Do Deal With GOP on Offshore Profits

chris ruddy

If Republicans and Democrats could put aside their differences and think ahead to next year’s Congressional Elections, they would see that now is the time to work together. Obama needs both sides to compromise so that he can use Congressional initiatives to lead the Nation out of this recession.

We are experiencing the consequences for this continued bickering in our faltering economy. A GDP growth above 4% is needed to make a dent in our unemployment numbers. Additionally, our economy relies heavily on retail sales and those numbers are falling, according to our largest commercial retail chains.

There is however one thing that Democrats and Republicans do agree on and that is more consumer cash being pumped into the economy is a good thing. The best way to achieve this is to allow a one year period during which off-shore companies can return their cash to America with only a one time flat tax of 15%. Perhaps as a reward for companies who repatriate all of their money, they can continue to bring in money at a much lower 20% tax for a fixed period of time.

This financial repatriation could be a huge windfall for the US Treasury. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that investing in our roads, bridges, and other projects is worthwhile. This is the way to fund these much needed improvements and American workers will benefit from the employment that these projects will require. This is a win-win proposal that can break the gridlock. President Obama and Congress need to move forward towards growth and compromise.

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Obama Should Pardon Himself

chris ruddy

The failure of the Obama Administration to take responsibility for it’s is no more a surprise than it is disappointing. If only Obama would own the mistakes, perhaps respect for the office could be restored.

We can begin with the politically charged surveillance of James Rosen, one of the most respected Washington correspondents, who happens to be employed by Fox News. Mr. Rosen had reported on a story about North Korea, prompting surveillance of his phone and email activities, to the shock of even the left-wing media establishment.

From that, we can move on to the crimes committed by the IRS through a systematic witch hunt into Tea Party records. The IRS also angered the liberal group, ProPublica with its’ insensitive handling of confidential documents.

The next and most tragic mishandled crisis was the attack and killing of four Americans including Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens, at the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

The best explanation of Obama’s unlikely continued support comes from Jonathan Alter’s new book, “The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies”. This book would be helpful for Republicans looking for success in the 2014 elections.

Despite his strong win in the 2012 election, and continued positive national support, there are reports from within the White House itself about deteriorating relationships between President Obama and some of his key staff members. Alter sheds light on these divisions and Republicans would do well to exploit them for success in the upcoming 2014 elections.

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Mrs. Thatcher: The Final Word

Chris Ruddy

Ms. Thatcher’s sad passing reveals a void in world leadership. At our helm today is a well-intentioned but deeply flawed President. One who has not been able to facilitate the changes this country and world so desperately need. There are many lessons to be learned from the Iron Lady and we would do well to build on her successes. Many of her policies were not only confrontational but radical. However, Ms. Thatcher succeeded in saving Brittan from itself by reversing the detrimental polices that included government controlled industry. While not always popular, Ms. Thatcher always focused on the good of the people and her belief in their abilities. . As they mourn the loss of Ms. Thatcher, Europe remembers her championing of the individual over the state, and her controversial efforts to stop the expansion of the welfare state.

This missing global leadership is felt so keenly at home in America because our nation as a whole is still suffering from the greatest recession since the Great Depression. The symbiotic relationship between national and international leadership is not lost on European leaders. The biggest danger on the World stage now is a perception of weakness. Obama’s inability to be a positive force in the Middle East is frightening in a region that is ripe to explode. China, North Korea, and Russia are all countries with whom Obama has made little to no headway with diplomatically. Our trade deficits and factories depend on those relationships. We would do well to stop along the way and wonder what the Iron Lady would do.

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