GOP Should Support Obama’s Stance on Syria

Syria under government crackdown

The most recent Address to the Nation was reminiscent of the speech Obama gave in Oslo, Norway in 2009. Obama acknowledged the virtues of nonviolence but said that military force was sometimes necessary. He cited World War II and the involvement of the powerful Allies that lead to Hitler’s defeat.

Being a Super Power comes with the responsibility to stop evil where diplomacy has failed. The US must lead the world in a zero tolerance policy for the use of weapons of mass destruction. A failure to act in Syria poses a threat to Americans as well as to the world at large. What is happening in Syria cannot be excused and swift action must be taken. Iran has been the largest supporter of the Assad regime. American’s military inaction in Syria sends a message to Tehran that they have impunity to continue their reign of terror. This terror will no doubt be turned towards Israel. Iran is carefully watching to see how America reacts towards Assad’s use of WMDs.

The President outlined a plan to strike Syria’s military targets. A UN agreement may soon be reached in which the WMDs will be handed over to be destroyed. These are all necessary steps to ensure atrocities committed against the Syrian people do not happen again.

I ask both Democrats and Republicans to put aside your political differences and support President Obama and the stand he is taking against evil. We owe it to the world support our President as he seeks to blunt and punish Assad.

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