Mrs. Thatcher: The Final Word

Chris Ruddy

Ms. Thatcher’s sad passing reveals a void in world leadership. At our helm today is a well-intentioned but deeply flawed President. One who has not been able to facilitate the changes this country and world so desperately need. There are many lessons to be learned from the Iron Lady and we would do well to build on her successes. Many of her policies were not only confrontational but radical. However, Ms. Thatcher succeeded in saving Brittan from itself by reversing the detrimental polices that included government controlled industry. While not always popular, Ms. Thatcher always focused on the good of the people and her belief in their abilities. . As they mourn the loss of Ms. Thatcher, Europe remembers her championing of the individual over the state, and her controversial efforts to stop the expansion of the welfare state.

This missing global leadership is felt so keenly at home in America because our nation as a whole is still suffering from the greatest recession since the Great Depression. The symbiotic relationship between national and international leadership is not lost on European leaders. The biggest danger on the World stage now is a perception of weakness. Obama’s inability to be a positive force in the Middle East is frightening in a region that is ripe to explode. China, North Korea, and Russia are all countries with whom Obama has made little to no headway with diplomatically. Our trade deficits and factories depend on those relationships. We would do well to stop along the way and wonder what the Iron Lady would do.

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