Newsmax Exclusive: Lech Walesa Says Putin Has “Evil Twin”

Lech Walesa tells Newsmax Russian Premier Putin Has Evil Twin

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, anti-communist crusader Lech Walesa, Poland’s Former President, was asked if he would classify Putin as a dictator.

“There are two Putins,” he declares. “The first one knows that it’s important to solve all issues in a peaceful, democratic way. He also realizes that Russia consists of 80 separate nations and if he loosens his grip on them, the whole thing will fall apart. So he holds tight, while also implementing some reforms.

“He makes a little progress and keeps moving in the right directions. Not too much, but enough to show some good will.

“And there is his evil twin, who still hopes that one day he will show the whole world who is on top. He hopes his day of triumph will come, but until then, he has to sit tight.”

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