Obama Should Pardon Himself

chris ruddy

The failure of the Obama Administration to take responsibility for it’s is no more a surprise than it is disappointing. If only Obama would own the mistakes, perhaps respect for the office could be restored.

We can begin with the politically charged surveillance of James Rosen, one of the most respected Washington correspondents, who happens to be employed by Fox News. Mr. Rosen had reported on a story about North Korea, prompting surveillance of his phone and email activities, to the shock of even the left-wing media establishment.

From that, we can move on to the crimes committed by the IRS through a systematic witch hunt into Tea Party records. The IRS also angered the liberal group, ProPublica with its’ insensitive handling of confidential documents.

The next and most tragic mishandled crisis was the attack and killing of four Americans including Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens, at the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

The best explanation of Obama’s unlikely continued support comes from Jonathan Alter’s new book, “The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies”. This book would be helpful for Republicans looking for success in the 2014 elections.

Despite his strong win in the 2012 election, and continued positive national support, there are reports from within the White House itself about deteriorating relationships between President Obama and some of his key staff members. Alter sheds light on these divisions and Republicans would do well to exploit them for success in the upcoming 2014 elections.

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