Susan Collins Is One of Us

Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins has been unfairly picked on as being a soft Republicaln. While grappling with this decision, let us go over some facts. Look no further than the support by Sen. Collins of the Manchin-Tomey Bill. Although ultimately defeated, this Bill did not support a national firearms registry and did not expand background checks. In addition, the bill called for increased penalties for those who misuse or misrepresent recorded information as required by law.

Sen. Collins believes in the Second Amendment and has earned a solid B-plus rating from the National Rifle Association. Additionally, Collins has worked to expose Democratic plans to undermine these rights. In 2005, Collins voted to support legislation that would prohibit lawsuits against gun manufacturers. In 1998, Collins supported legislation allowing for guns to be sold without trigger locks.

Collins consistently voted against Obamacare, and voted in favor of tax cuts and their extensions, and supported President Bush in the Iraq War Resolution. This pro-military voting record earned Sen. Collins condemnation from such far left anti-war groups as SANE (National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy).

And finally, in fiscal matters Senator Collins supported a balanced budget constitutional amendment and insists on future spending caps. The back door, internal mud-slinging that is going on in the Republican Party towards Sen. Collins is self-defeating and should end. As we head towards the 2014 elections, remember whose side of the aisle Senator Collins is on, yours.

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